Be Savage--

November 10, 2015

So as most of you know, we had a few CrossFit Willis members participate in The Savage Race this past weekend. If you didnt get the chance to attend, that SUCKS! It was so much fun!!! Dont get me wrong, I think I speak for our entire group when I say it was nothing less than incredibly challenging. Personally, I'm no runner--so at first when I heard 10K, or 6.5 miles, I immediatly said heck no to the prospect of participating in this race. But thank goodness I did! It was worth every scrap, bump and bruise!


We met up at the gym at around 6:45am...yikes..again, I was seriously questioning why I woke up so early on a Saturday morning to go do something I dont particulary care for, but I digress. After an hour and a half trip down to Cat Springs, we found ourselves in the middle of a huge pasture, in the rain, in a very low lying car. To say the least, we were worried whether we would make it out, but we did.. We get out of the car and immediatley regret our choice of attire. I'm wearing a strip of cloth barely warranted as a shirt and boogie shorts. Hailey isnt dressed much warmer! We get in and register, find the rest of our team and, voila! Before we know it, we've been corralled into a group of 40 people or so. Our leader, to my reliefe, promptly tells us "we are here to complete, not compete" thank goodness! We stretch, jump around, grab strangers by the that was just me.. whoops! And we're off! Surpirsingly, the first mile or so feel great! We get to the first couple obstacles, which are really no big deal, climb over a few walls, jump a few logs, lots of mud and lots rain--but all in all not too challenging as of yet. Then, we come to the first hanging obstacle. There are two pipes hanging in a line about 2 or 3 feet from my head, thankfully JR was there to help me up! Justin shimmies on down like a monkey--surely I can get it done, right? HECK NO. I get half way down the first pipe and drop. Thankfully the water bellow wasnt too cold, but still its water, in the rain, in 55 degree weather, brr!! 


We get past the next 3 miles without much hassle, until we reach the dreaded 4 mile marker. The Shriveled Richard. The name does no justice. You walk up to a big tub full of ice water. Mainly ice...lots and lots and lots of ice. As you reach the entrance, your heart is beating out of your chest, trying to mentally prepare yourself for what youre about to willingly experience. Justin and I go in at the same time and I get stuck behind Jessie, my legs are initially on fire, then gone. He finally goes under the bar you have to swim below to get to the next side and its officially my turn. I take a few deep breathes, close my eyes, and dive under the bar. I swear I was down there for 30 minutes, not according to my Go Pro, but geeze it felt long. I finally immerge, get out of the torture tub and my bodies on fire! Or maybe it was burnt like the 6 month old hamburgers you leave in the freezer for too long. I dont know, but it took a good long while to realize we actually had legs again. 



After The Shriveled Richard, none of the rest of the obstacles were very hard, there were a few climbing ones again, one that was definitley not in my wheel house, where you had to run up a ramp, grab and rope and cimb upon a ledge, thank goodness for the kind men who lifted me up. Lord knows my arms wern't working! After that, you had a 15 foot drop on a slick tarp slide to another, wait for it, pit of water! The most fun obstacle was after that, Davie Jone's Locker. You climed up another 15 feet and jumped from a ledge, seriously like a 3 second drop (doesnt sound like much but was a adrenaline spike for sure!). 


After it was all said and done, the finish line crossed, and medals handed out- a wonderful feeling of accomplishment washed over me. Not only because I had just ran 6.6 miles, the longest distance I've ever done to date, not just because I got through all 25 of the obstacles, but because we had all done it together. We all pushed each other every foot of the way, over walls, under ice water and through barbed wire. I am so proud of our little Savages. We set out to complete this race, and completed it was. It was one of the most fun, most challenging and most rewarding experiences I have had in a long time. I'm so happy we decided to participate and I fully expect a larger group of Savages next year!!

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