Movement Talk "Wall Balls"

November 11, 2015

As a shorter athlete the wall ball shot is not one of my better movements. The ten-foot line during a WOD such as "Karen", can seem to get taller! There is definitely form and technique on being efficient while performing wall balls. I notice a lot of athletes as they get tired they begin to let the ball drop below their face and even below their chest. When allowing the ball to drop this low your letting that exterior weight then drag your shoulders and chest down towards the ground resulting in bad posture. This position takes your legs out and engages more of a bend in your back, and for most pushes athletes into their toes. Athletes can definitely get reps done this way but your efficiency has become minimal in comparison to keeping the ball high and out in front of the face. While doing wall balls athletes also need to be aware of their launch point while coming out of the bottom of the squat. Make sure that the hips engage the launch or the push of the shoulders and not to begin throwing the ball any sooner than the hips full extension. I have witnessed many athletes timing becoming early and late on the launch point. Another point of interest is the catch, again timing can become an issue. Allow the ball to initiate the descent. Once the ball hits your hands use the weight to que the squat, many athletes will begin to squat before the ball has even reached their grasp. Again you can make reps out of this form but will not be as efficient. The notes that I stress as a coach are; 1. Make sure the ball is high 2. Athletes feet are in good position and heels stay in good contact with the floor 3. The legs and hips do most the work in driving the ball over head 4. Let the ball do the work on the catch and the descent.


Fill out a fun survery over wall balls and other movements, click the photo above!


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