Own This Year's CrossFit Open

February 23, 2017

Well it’s here! The CrossFit Open is finally upon us! Whether you’ve been signed up for weeks, or are still on the fence about registering, none can deny that this is the most exciting time of year for us crazy CrossFitters.



From a coaching standpoint, this is the time that I get to see the fruits of my labor. I get to see the athlete who last year could barely do a single pull-up rep out series of c2b with ease. I get to see my member’s faces light up as they watch their in-house rankings soar past the previous years. So yes. Of course I want each and every member in my box to sign up, but I am well aware that there are more than a few still teetering on the edge of registration. If you won’t take my word for it, take the words of your friends. Of the guy you lift next to everyday, of the woman who cheers you on as you complete that last rep of a brutal WOD. Here is what was said when asked what The Open meant to them-


“It means a chance to push myself and see what I'm capable of. It has given me a chance to fellowship with and support the other athletes in my box.”

- Peggy Simmons (member since Jan. 2015)


“I like the open because it takes dedication and persistence. It's something we work for all year and it's the time to show how your hard work pays off.  I like the team environment and community push to make me stronger. It's an all around fun time!”

-Jessie Minchew (member since April 2014)


“The open gives me a chance to see where I improved and where I need to improve. It's also a time that I get to have fun with the people I work out with everyday and watch them meet their goals as well.”

-Josue Collazo (member since Aug. 2014)


“To me, the open is about me pushing myself to my limit, about me going the extra distance, doing what my body says I can't, but my mind says I can. While I'm in the moment I want to push myself to the point of certain kind of pain that's almost satisfying (as sick as that sounds). It's about me seeing where I line up with other people in the world. It's also about me encouraging my peers around me and helping them to push themselves when they feel they can't. It's helping them see what I see in them, that maybe they can't see or refuse to see. To me the open is about family, everyone coming together as a unit and it's also about me as an individual.”

-Mandy Scott (member since March 2014)



So believe me, whether you’ve been a CrossFitter for 5 years, or this is your 5th day at our box, I can promise you, you will not regret your decision to sign up. . Push yourself to places you didn’t think possible and enjoy the reward. While The Open is an amazing time to compete and rank yourself among your peers, it really is so much more. Allow yourself the opportunity to experience how amazing this community truly is. You might just surprise yourself.


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Pictures by: Andrea Surak Photography

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