Fear the Chaingaletta!

March 7, 2017

So I know we're all in the thick of The Open here at CrossFit Willis, but.... CrossFit Hutto, the host of The Killswitch Comp that a lot of us participated in last year just announced this years comp date, September, 16th. While I know this seems like a long time away, it really isn't. Only six short months! I want CrossFit Willis to show out this year. Last year we had two kick-ass teams, this year I want four! Each team consists of 6 individuals, three men and three women. So be on the lookout for possible team mates! 





Killswitch was hands-down one of the most fun comps we've been involved in as a collective gym. Located just outside of Round Rock, near Austin, TX we competed in this intensive all day event- comprised of 3 separate workouts. We had two teams compete, both and RX and scaled group. The RX team consisted of Justin, Jeremy, Pete, Robin, Lisa, and Gabbie. The scaled team was made up by Ryan, JR, Nate, Mandy, Taylor, and Becca.


If you've ever heard anyone in the gym talk about the dreaded chaingalletta, this is where it's from. For those of you who don't have the pleasure of being familiar with the torture device Hutto so sweetly developed just for this comp, stay tuned. We had a barbell with two chains attached to the end of it, with various weights attached to the end of those chains dangling, swinging and jerking back and forth. Or job was to stand side-by-side with a coed partner and perform a certain number of overhead stepping lunges. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, think about Becca and Ryan Schubert being partnered together, just a slight height difference! But they made it work! Our scaled team came in fourth place. Just three tiny points outside of the podium. The RX team fought hard and earned eighth place alongside some incredibly fierce competition.


As many of you know, as soon as the Open is over, it can be hard to maintain that same intensity and drive we all experience during these five weeks. Killswitch is the perfect opportunity to keep that competitive light blazing. Comps like this act as wonderful motivators not only in the gym, but in the kitchen (where the hard work takes place). Let's show Hutto what Willis has to offer! Heck, maybe Tony and Josh will take another Hutto Hippo ride together... who knows?....


If you have any questions about last years comp, ask some of the 2016 competitors! I promise it will be a weekend you wont forget. I know we sure haven't! 

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