Best CrossFit in Montgomery County | Active Rest Days

May 23, 2018

We’ve all been there – CrossFit is a huge lifestyle change that sparks motivation and drive to get better. It can definitely become “addicting” so to speak. As athletes, we are always trying to better ourselves and reach that goal that we have been aiming for. Although we tend to push ourselves to our limits, we cannot forget about the importance of rest. Active rest days are crucial in maintaining motivation in the long run. Not only does it give your body a rest from the constant beating it gets in the gym, but it gives your mind a break.


One of the greatest benefits of active rest days is the physical effects on the body. I'm a huge fan of CrossFit as training methodology. Because of that, I can easily over-do it sometimes. As a result, muscles and joints get worn out. Our bodies repair during these rest days, and taking a break can actually make you stronger. Training without rest will weaken your muscles, even for the seasoned athletes. Restoring muscle tissue breakdown is crucial to seeing success in the gym.


Not only does your body need a break, but so does your mind. Personally, I know I go through highs and lows of motivation. I think a lot of that has to do with just being overwhelmed and consumed with constantly being immersed in CrossFit. I love it both as a fan of the sport (I constantly watch re-runs of the Games, regionals, etc) and become burned out for a period of time. For that reason, implementing rest days are vital when it comes to being able to handle both doing and enjoying CrossFit for a long period of time. The last thing you want to do is over-think and burn yourself out! You deserve a break from the constant challenges CrossFit throws at you – even the best of us!







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