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May 21, 2018

Being a part of a CrossFit gym, there is one thing you learn very quickly – your hands get WRECKED. Between using the bar, the rings, kettlebells, and barbells,  your hands will blister, rip, and grow calluses that can be painful and hard to keep under control. Here are a few tips to providing the best hand care to reduce and overcome the struggle of having beat up hands.


1. Use chalk – Using chalk can reduce the friction between your skin and the bar. Being proactive instead of reactive can do wonders for your hands. Some people even choose to wear gloves.

2. File them down or shave them – The calluses that are formed can be reduced by filing or shaving – just like your feet! Keeping them to a minimum will reduce the chances of ripping. 
3. Apply a moisturizer – Using lotion will prevent your hands from getting dried out. The lack of moisture can cause your skin to crack, flake, and sometimes even rip. 
4. Wash your hands – If you rip your hands, make sure you clean them and whatever you were using. Although it hurts pretty bad, it is not worth getting an infection. Also, be sure to sanitize the equipment after you rip. Leaving blood and other bodily fluids behind is not safe for anyone.
5. Use bandages – Use NexCare self-adhering bandage to protect ripped hands. Trust me, the last thing you want is to make it even worse. Using NexCare will keep your ripped hands protected from further tearing.
6. Keep a hand-care kit – I keep a kit in my gym bag containing antibiotic, bandages, athletic tape and gauze. Not only has it come in handy for me, I’ve also shared it with fellow CrossFitters. It is not a bad idea to keep one for yourself just in case.








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