Best CrossFit in Montgomery County | Why Proper Stretching is so Vital

October 14, 2018

We all hear it – the warm up, ROMWOD, etc. is important. But most of us don’t really see the point of stretching, especially if you are new to the gym life. Either we are too busy, too lazy, or just don’t really care, and we tend to spend not enough time on stretching our muscles out. However, it is vital to maintaining success and a healthy body when doing CrossFit. Here are the top 5 reasons on why you should implement stretching into your workouts:


  1. Mobility restrictions can hold you back from proper form – If you don’t have flexible joints, such as shoulders, it will be difficult for you to truly have the form your coaches are looking for.

  2. Lack of flexibility increases your chance of injury – This one goes hand in hand with number 1. If you lack flexibility, you lack form. And this means you have a higher possibility of injuring yourself.

  3. Stretching aids in recovery so you won’t be so sore all the time – We all have those days where we are so sore that it is hard to move, ha! If you spend time stretching out those stiff muscles, it will speed up the process of recovery. Stretching can prevent soreness as well!

  4. Stretching/yoga can be relaxing – As long as you are not ADD (haha), stretching not only helps your muscles, but it relaxes your mind. Having mindfulness will limit your stress levels and get you in the right mood for a workout.

  5. It warms you up (literally) – Stretching before a workout will slightly increase your heart rate and temperature. This will make the transition from sitting at home to doing a full blown workout a lot easier.


At CrossFit Willis, we make stretching a priority. We have a warm-up during each class that stretches various muscles, as well as ROMWOD every Thursday. Click here if you are interested in learning more about ROMWOD! 



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