CrossFit Gear Review | Redline vs. Hookgrip Knee Sleeves

March 2, 2017

When it comes to knee sleeves, you either love them, hate them, or just haven’t tried them yet. Thanks to Girl Wonder (Robin Sproba) I officially fall into the first category. As most of you know, Justin and I got hitched late last year. Go us! One of the biggest challenges we faced was trying to figure out stuff we actually wanted to add to our wedding registry. I know…. First world problems, right? Anyways, after some discussion, we came to the conclusion that what we really wanted was some updated CrossFit gear. Personally, I had never tried knee sleeves. I didn’t really know much about them. I mean, I made it three years without trying them a single time, how necessary could they be? But after seeing a super cute set on Amazon, I thought to myself… “Why not? A ton of people love them, might as well give them a shot.” And thank goodness I did! Within a month, I went online and ordered a slightly different pair.


The ones I received for the wedding are amazing for heavy lifting- one reps, heavy met-cons, etc. They’re a stars-and-stripes designed set from Redline Gear. Like I said, I love these for heavy lifting… however, not so much for traditional high speed met-cons. When it comes to box jumps or running especially, I find this set relatively constricting. Price wise, this pair falls right at $49 when not on sale. Not the most expensive out there, but definitely not the cheapest. For the support they provide when lifting heavy, I would certainly say they’re worth the price if you’re looking for stability.



After a few weeks with my Redlines, I went online and ordered a pair of Hookgrip sleeves. I noticed that at least five people I worked out with regularly had a pair, and obviously for good reason. I love this set for high reps and quick met-cons. They are far less constricting than my Redlines and I appreciate that when needing full range of motion in a short amount of time. Want to know what I love most? They only cost $14 per pair. Yep, you read that right. By far this is the best price on knee sleeves I’ve seen, considering some get into the ranges of $40 per sleeve. Ouch! The only downside to these sleeves is the lower stability level due to their lighter weight.


My suggestion if you’re a serious lifter (or are looking to become so) is get yourself a pair of both. I know for me I want to protect my joints as much as possible. I wear knee sleeves, not because I have existing knee issues, but because I’m doing my best to avoid such problems.



If you would like to sneak a peek at either of my sets, feel free! I’d love to help you pick out a pair (or two) best fitting your needs!


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