Fitness in Montgomery County | Why You Should Sign-up for a Local Comp

May 16, 2018

Fitness in Montgomery County


Hello fellow CrossFitters! Being a part of a gym is an amazing experience all around. The community, the fitness, and those feel-good moments where you PR’d or met a goal that you have set for yourself is the best feeling in the world. Once you get into the groove of things, a local comp is definitely something that will bring you closer to your new goals and closer to the people that you have gotten to know over time. 


As a member of our fit-fam and partial owner of Crossfit Willis, I have had the amazing experience of being in several competitions. The thrill of these events has made such a difference in my progress. In my opinion, everyone should sign up for a local comp solely for the fact that you never push yourself harder than you do in a competition! I know what you’re thinking – I’m not good enough yet. The thing is, you don't have to be super competitive to enjoy a comp! Placing isn't the only thing that matters. You should do it to see how far you can test your abilities. I think back to the Open where a few friends of mine were competing for the first time. Sure, they weren’t the best in the gym, but watching them push themselves to their fullest ability was such an amazing thing. Loved ones cheered them on, adrenaline was pumping, and afterwards they were so proud of finishing what they thought was impossible. And as it turned out – they did much better in the comp than they thought! As CrossFitters, we don’t judge based on your numbers. We love to see you complete something that pushed you to your limits. That is definitely something to be proud of!


On the other hand, if you are competitive, and placing does matter to you, then it's an amazing motivator in the gym. Not only do you not want to embarrass yourself out on the competition floor, it gives you something to focus on when the workouts get super tough during normal training sessions. You will find yourself spending extra time working on the things that you haven’t mastered yet, and you will likely make huge gains! The motivation factor plays a huge role in your improvement in the gym.


Maybe you used to be competitive in high school sports and now don't have something to compete in (aka weren't good enough for collegiate level sports). Local comps provide a great outlet for all that competitive energy! Come to the gym, work your ass off, and have fun while doing it! So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a local comp and feel amazing afterwards!






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