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October 11, 2017

Owning the premiere gym in Willis, TX has made both Justin and I very aware of what our clients and friends mainly struggle with. We see them come in day in, day out and work their butt's off (literally). However, all-too-often we hear the same story. They're just not seeing the results they expected as quickly as they expected. I mean the hard work is being put into the gym every day! The next question we ask them always seems to bring a sheepish grin to their faces. "Well, how's your diet?" Believe me, we've heard every reason and every excuse in the books. But at the end of the day, the person responsible for your fitness journey is just that; you.


We've all been there, or at the very least heard a story very similar. It's a Wednesday night, those sweet little angels you dropped off at school this morning have somehow morphed into the hanger-crazed hellions who've snuck into your backseat. You're on your way home from soccer practice, and your star forward is HUNGRY (insert *hangry*)! Not to mention the temporary satisfaction from the Chewy bar you scarfed down for lunch is sadly nowhere to be found. Uh oh....


Quickly you rack your brain trying to figure out what in the world you have in the deep dark places of the pantry to feed this surprisingly assertive 5-year-old you find in your backseat. Then it happens. The light bulb clicks to life as those ever present golden arches loom in the distance. A lighthouse amongst the turbulent waves of what could be a stromy night ahead. Queue the angel's chorus!

Fear not though, this all-too-often scenario is easily avoidable with just a few moments of Pinterest browsing and preparation. Over the next three weeks, we will be diving into the (not at all intimidating) world of meal prepping.


First, we will be looking into what you need to be doing far before you step foot into any grocery store. This is often the most important element of meal prepping that is sadly most often overlooked. As all of you know, going into your daily WOD without any game plan or strategy is a quick way to find yourself lost in a mental struggle. The same can be said about braving HEB on a Sunday afternoon around 1pm. Those of you who know what I'm talking about understand! The lack of a game plan is a sure fire path to the bane of a meal-prepper's shopping experience; impulse shopping. **insert Jaw's theme-song**

We'll then work our way through the various sections of a typical grocery store. (We all know the dangers of the dreaded snack/cookie isle, and it's relentlessly beckoning fingers). You'll learn how to "zone" a store, which will lower not only the level of temptations you will encounter, but your time spent in the grocery store each week. Score! 

Lastly, we'll go over what some people find to be the toughest part of meal prepping. The actual prep. I'll try and shed some light on a few tips I've found over the years to limit your time in the kitchen and set you up for success throughout the week. 

Sounds pretty exciting, right? Good! Remember, just because summer is over and sweater-season is just a few sweet weeks away doesn't mean we can tap the breaks on our fitness journey. The Open is right around the corner, and now is the time to buckle down. Over the next few weeks, we would LOVE for you all to share your favorite healthy go-to recipes. Who knows?... There may be a CrossFit Willis Cook Book coming to a box near you in the next few months!! 

CrossFit Willis is the premiere fitness establishment in Willis, TX specializing in all levels of strength, conditioning and fitness. Looking to take your health and fitness to the next level? The time is now! Get in touch


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