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CompLegends - 001 - "The Break Up"

This years first official CrossFit workout challenge is here! "The Break Up" lets dive into it!

For time: 45 reps of each movement

  • Handstand Push ups

  • Front Squats

  • Box Jumps

Partition the reps anyway you would like. 135lbs for men and 95lbs for women. Box height for men 24 inches and women 20 inches.


7 mins is a really good time so shoot for under 7 and lets get in the 6's!



  1. This workout is going to feel like a 21-15-9, Take Fran for instance, basically your lungs should burn by the end.

  2. Every athlete will more than likely have an obvious weakness and strength. Make sure to effectively address that before you start this workout and know when the gas pedal should be down or when cruise control should be engaged.

  3. The partition option leads to an array of different paths, don't overthink this too much. If you do, this workout could leave you with a chunk of your weakness reps at the end slow you down.

As always have fun with this one and post your results! Good Luck!

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