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CrossFit Open 23.1 The Numbers Game

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

I decided to take 15 scores of athletes in the gym that either got a muscle up or who had plenty of time to try, broke down the averages of each station along the way, and found some interesting statistics! This study was comprised of 10 different athlete, 9 male and 1 female. 6 athletes have placed in the top 10 percent before and all 10 have the potential too. How fast and efficient did you need to be to have a chance at muscle ups last week? Lets look at the numbers step by step!

The Row - 60 calories

One interesting note on this row is the fact that it was the same for both men and women. The average time finishing the row was 3:01 and the fastest time was 2:40 and the slowest was 3:24. Most of the men kept a pace around 1100 to 1350 cals per hour to hit these scores, most indicated that this movement was ranked as the easiest movement in the workout.

Toes to bar - 50 reps

For the toes to bar we saw strategies from doing all singles up to around sets of 10 reps. On average many athletes started with sets of 5 and ended with a few singles to finish. The average time spent on t2b within these 15 recorded scores was 3:21. This is about 14 T2b per minute. Fastest time recorded was 2:24 averaging around 20 reps per minute and the slowest was 3:59 averaging 12.5 reps per minute.

Wall balls - 40 reps

The average finish time for 40 wall balls ended up at 2:02. This of course is just a hair less than 20 per minute. Fastest time recorded 1:19 and these was an unbroken set of 40 wall balls. This averaged 30.38 reps per minute and the slowest time averaged 15.19 reps per minute at finished at 2:38.

Clean - 30 reps

Oddly enough this being the least amount of reps ended up being on average where the participants spent the most time averaging 3:31. This ended up being 8.53 reps per minute, the fastest time averaged 10.79 reps per minute at 2:47 and the slowest averaged 7.5 reps per minute at lasted 4:00. It is crazy what 3 reps per minute difference can do for a workout.

Athletes averaged 4.6 Ring Muscle Ups

Out of these 15 recorded scores the average ring muscle ups ended up being 4.6, with 3 of these outcomes ending up in 0. Highest total of muscle ups recorded were 12 with this athlete getting to the rings at 11:34. On average these athletes got to the rings with over 2 minutes at 11:57. Out of all the different movements this turned out to be on average 3.98 seconds per rep or 15.07 reps per minute getting to the rings.

Very interesting workout and can't wait to break down the data for 23.2, let me know what you think in the comment box.

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