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PFL Weekly Challenge #13 “Morrison” Hero Challenge

PFL #13 Hero Challenge “Morrison”

This is an array of very traditional CrossFit movements, but don’t sleep on the end result of the volume and combination! Keep in mind you have 150 reps of each movement and the break up gives you well over half of the reps in the first 2 rounds. Think manageable sets to begin with and sprint towards the end.

Here is the breakdown of how the points towards each badge will work once are system is up and running:

Cardio Badge:

This being a very heavy cardio workout and testing your cardiovascular control you can earn up to 80 points towards the cardio badge if your scores is better than 21:00.

Strength Badge:

Although most of this is relatively light, some stronger athletes can take advantage of the KB and the wall ball. 30 points being rewarded for that top score of 21:00 and working down from there every minute.

Power Badge:

Another badge that limited in the role of success for this workout but enough to consider. For 20 points at the top end power will be displayed through out the box jumps and the consistency of the athletes power train. We see power of athletes really shine through in sprint efforts, jumping, row bike and ski, and quite a few gymnastics movements. Power doesn’t always equate to overall strength, a lot of times these short burst movements will indicate someone’s power.

Comment below you score and we also let you know once our free memberships are ready for signup if your subscribed to the page! Once a member you will begin to earn points to you badges increasing your ranking on becoming a CompLegend!

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