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PFL Weekly Challenge #14 betweenthelines

Barbell weight 135lb for men and 95lb women

At this weight big sets should be possible if not unbroken. Knowing that you get to but the bar down during the run, you should go big. Shoulder to overhead can be a press, push press, or any jerk.

Top times for this one- 11:00 and under

Cardio Badge- Obviously the run will dictate the pace and gain you time or lose you time. If your cardio is trained up you should be able to shoot for that 11 or better time. That would gain you 75 points towards your Cardio Badge.

Olympic Badge- As well as you need to be in your cardio, you need to be prepped in the Olympic movements. 65 points will be available for this badge for that 11 or faster time. Efficiency is key to go big sets before getting back out side.

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