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PFL Weekly Challenge #15 “The Games, Kinda”

PFL Challenge #15 is similar to a games event this week, have fun!

Here is a version of a games workout that most gyms or home gyms can accommodate. So most don’t have the Ski Erg but if you do you can sub back the ski in for the row. Rope climbs for most here will be to a 15ft line, I could imagine the games athletes reaching for something a bit higher!?! Event 5 in the games calls for a sandbag carry and again if you have one use it here, for larger groups, that may not be possible so we went with a plate carry.

Obviously there a many different athletes with many different strengths and weakness’s but let’s look at a “weekend warrior” approach for this one to optimize our potential. 4 rope climbs in a row for games athletes will be nothing but for most of us this will tax those shoulders so using the “go up when ready” mentality will be important and not touch and go. Getting the feet locked in and the knees high will save those shoulders when it comes to reps 12 and so on.

The row pace should be moderate, but we get a similar pulling sensation to the rope climb here and have to be weary of that. Dominating the row with our legs could be beneficial to save those shoulders for the rope. If you have tested your 500m row, try to maintain a pace 10-15 seconds slower at least on those first 2 rounds to get an idea of the combination.

The plate carry for this version will be all about placement? One shoulder, behind the head, chest? What allows you too move your feet quickly and maintain your heart rate. This could devastate the shoulders so if you begin to slow down or stop, put the weight down!!!

Have fun guys and as always comment with your scores and let us know your take on the workout!

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