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PFL Weekly Challenge #16 “Dos Flame” Partner Challenge

Find a partner for this weeks challenge “Dos Flame”

Challenge #16 will require you to find someone to get down and dirty with! 2 rounds of burpees, deadlifts, wall balls, and kettlebell swings will challenge you and your partner! Figure out you and your partners strengths and weakness’s and break this one up as you see fit.

The burpees must be performed n’sync, so there is no real rest here and it will test you as a team. Making sure that the pace of the burpees is manageable for both athletes will be crucial to get through this one.

The dead’s are a solid moderate weight here and should be treated with some respect. Not the heaviest we have seen but on average you have about 20 reps a round. Be prepared to switch off often to not tax that central nervous system for later and all those burpees!

Wall balls are fairly standard here and I would argue will have very little effect here unless these are a weakness. If so, understand that and negotiate that with your partner. Be prepared to take a few extra reps to keep the “ball rolling” and to help your partner.

Kb Swings will come into effect that second round and mostly in the grip department. Its the heavier version and larger kettlbell, just be prepared for that barbell to feel a little more grippy in that second round.

Overall managing the burpees, working with your weakness’s and killing your strengths, and communicating well will allow this to be a sprint effort. That 3 mins should be enough to reset and shoot for a similar time on the second round.

Let me know how your teams strategy worked and comment below your score, good luck!

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