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PFL Weekly Challenge #17 “Two Pulls”

PFL Challenge #17 “Two Pulls” is going to get grippy!

Strength and power will be tested in this weeks challenge. Both will test the grip in two different ways. Most have tested themselves in a 1 rep max but have you challenge that grip to hold on for 3? Follow that up with 1000 meters on the rower and you have “Two Pulls”!

Utilize the 7 min clock not only to establish your lift but also your rest time before testing the 1000m row, once the 7 minutes is up make sure you have started your 1000m row. Once you have reached 1000m your score is the time minus the 7 minutes from the deadlift portion.

We are excited to announce that our profiles are coming along and soon you will be able to log your performance’s right here on CompLegends and start earning towards your badges. Here is an example of how this workout would help rank certain badges.

Strength Badge- This would play a huge role obviously on the deadlift would allow for max amount this week of 100 points towards your strength badge. Lifts of 450lbs for men and 275lbs for women plus would be rewarded the full amount of 100 points.

Power Badge- There are many movements that require power and in this workout the row for this short distance will require lots of it. Times of 3:45 and better for men and times of 4:05 and better for women will grab 80 points towards their power badge.

Cardio Badge- Cardio will play a factor on holding on to that power pace set on the rower, however not as pivotal to the overall score. At the top end of those scores athletes will be able to grab 30 points towards their cardio badge.

Of course you may not be the top scorers and that’s ok! Depending on your score relative to the top scores you will be rewarded point towards those badges to continue your journey to be a “CompLegend”! Let us know if you have any questions and sign up to the email list to be the first to become an active member to the Premier Fitness League Online CompLegends!

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