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PFL Weekly Challenge #19 Albert “Chop” Gonzalez

RIP Albert “Chop” Gonzalez 7-17-90 to 8-16-21

First off a moment to acknowledge the man “Chop”, a father to two boys, a son, a brother, a loving boyfriend, a loyal friend. His reach is vast among the community and will never be forgotten. He had made a commitment a month and a half ago to his health and joined CrossFit Willis. He battled and with this workout we honor his battle.

Here are the numbers and why. 90 Deadlifts – Born 1990; 7 hang cleans – Birth month; 17 toes to bar – birth day; 74 double-unders – football jersey number; 8 push press – passing month; 16 pull-ups – passing day; 21 tire flips – year of passing; 19 minute time cap – covid19

Find a friend to do this workout with and lets lift each other up to finish this workout. This workout is to be done with an axle bar, if you have one, and large tires. Chop was a truck driver and delivered and unloaded tires on the daily, so today we will flip those tires with you! The weight is 115 for the men and 75 for the women.

You will be able to break up all the reps except for the hang cleans and the push press, each athlete has their own set to complete there. The volume for two people here is not extreme so it tells me we are looking to complete with a speed mentality. It gets very grippy so break up the gymnastics to maintain grip for second round.

Tire flips are done together as a team, so flip and go! If you don’t have a tire perform 40 power cleans with same barbell. 19 minute time cap to complete this in.

Let us know what you think about the workout and how you did! We are performing it Saturday 8-28-21 to raise money for his family, as life continues to move and does not pause for anyone. It is always great to see the community of CrossFit step up and we would be delighted for ya’ll to share that experience with us through this workout “Chop”.

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