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PFL Weekly Challenge #21 “Partners in Crime”

PFL Weekly Challenge #21 Partners in Crime

PFL Weekly Challenge #21 Partners in Crime

Well I missed two weeks but for a good reason, me and my wife had our first baby! Just had to mention that because we are super excited and blessed!

Teams of 2 for time: 20 n’sync toes to bar, 50 burpees over the box 24/20, 100 double-unders each, 15 n’sync toes to bar, 40 burpees over the box, 100 double-unders each, 10 n’sync toes to bar, 30 burpees over the box, 100 double-unders each.

Ok this weeks challenge “Partners in Crime” will require a friend and some lungs! Lets break down the flow: The toes to bar must be together n’sync, this means both athletes must hit their toes to bar before the next rep begins. The burpees over the box are broken up between the two athletes however you see fit. The double-unders are 100 a piece and can be worked on at the same time, but both athletes must complete their set before moving on.

Strategy: The toes to bar must be talked about before and know what each athlete is comfortable with going unbroken? I like 5 personally but figure that out between the two. Burpees over the box can be step or jump so if you have to take that extra breath to get ready to jump you may be better off stepping this. Because you have a partner in crime I believe short and sweet is great team concept. You should push against that red line here but don’t cross it until that 3rd round. As always keep the next movement in mind, with the double-unders you have the toes to bar to follow so its ok to break these 100 up. I would want my partner to break and be ready for our sets of toes to bar, an extra break or two on the dubs wont lose much time.

This is a threshold workout with a light dash of gymnastics and moderate to high volume of a high skill movement of double-unders. Have fun and let us know how you did!

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