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Athlete of February 2023 at CFW

Congrats to Grant Stephens and Veronica Rose Hoelscher for earning the title of Athlete of the Month for February! There were many standouts during the open and this decision was very tough but both athletes made significant strides during the month of February improving upon their fitness! Great work!

Honorable mentions for the Month of February:

Carrina Lane - Avg. 2.25 classes per week 800% increase and 2 Personal Records

Tamires Rice - Avg. 2.75 classes per week 175% increase and 3 Personal Records

Jason Springs - Avg. 3.0 classes per week and 6 Personal Records

Yolanda Dimas - Avg. 3.75 classes per week and 5 Personal Records

Nicky Arauz - Avg. 4.25 classes per week and 6 Personal Records

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