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CrossFit Open 22.1 Tips and Strategies

Dive into the attack of CrossFit Open 22.1. How to attack the box jumps, the wall climbs, and the Snatches!

What a start to the CrossFit Open of 2022! Very week one-ish of the open, grind it out style where we get to test pure grit and cardio! Not a lot craziness so as always week 1 should see many RX the workout in comparison to the weeks to come.

Something that we asked around this week too, was this a Dave Castro masterpiece? What are your thoughts?

This weeks CrossFit Open tips are as follows:

Wall climbs this year are no where near the volume as compared to last year so that was a huge moral boost! So to build on what we learned, getting the feet up the wall fast and grabbing lots of ground back to the tape to finish is very important. Also no reps are vital with this movement, if you are someone that struggles here climbing up the wall and not making it back is not an option.

DB Snatches are not new to the open anymore so this should be the most standard movement of 22.1. Unbroken is the one and only way to approach this movement.

Box jump overs would be pretty standard but they are far from this year! Typically we would see a lot of rebounding but they completely swiped that away with some new standards. The "no jump down, must step down" policy, changed the game for many! Squat catch or not? The squat and rotate or pivot is going to be quickest, but quickest may not be best for you here. If the heart rate sky rockets, go for the stand at the top and slow it down.

Let us know how you did and how you approach 22,1 and what do you think 22.2 will have in store for us?

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