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PFL Weekly Challenge #23 “8-Track”

PFL Weekly Challenge #23 “8-Track”

This week grab your favorite workout partner and get ready to row your little heart out!

For 30 minutes alternate every 2 minute rounds. 8 push ups, 8 Kb swings, 8 thrusters, 8 alternating pistols. With the time remaining in 2 minutes row for calories. Your teams total score is total calories.

The biggest strategy for this weeks weekly challenge is to go really fast, but really this workout will made in the rest! Oddly enough the work you do while your not working out will be the biggest difference from one team to another. Why I say that is because everyone will put up a good score the first round, hell even the second round, but it will be those last few rounds that will crown the victor.

How do you get there, well you have to row with fluidity and consistency. The name of the game on the rower is power over speed. All too often people get on the rower and image moving that seat back and forth will add up those cals. That is just not the case, a deliberate drive from the legs to a accurate pull into the back yields efficiency. Focus on the flow.

Getting there first with time to work will be just as important, so know your strengths and your weakness’s. Sprint through the strengths and take just an extra moment on the weakness’s to prevent any “no-reps”. Know that getting to that rower with a good flow that you should be able to control your breathing.

Have fun and post your scores here in the comment box!

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