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PFL Weekly Challenge #24 – Wodapalooza “Catergory 4”

PFL Weekly Challenge #24 Wodapalooza “Catergory 4” – 18 minute AMRAP – 10 calorie row – 10 wallballs – 10 single Dumbell Step-overs – 90 double-unders – increase each round by 10 reps each movement except the double-unders.

Qualifier workout number 4 for Wodapalooza and if your are competing and trying to qualify I hope this helps. 18 mins is going to be long distance pace, imagine running for 18 mins what would that look like and feel like? For most this is a jogging experience and with potential of slowing down or even walking for very short periods of time. The name of the game is to limit or eradicate walking or stopping in this workout at all, so what pace can you manage for 18 minutes? Not only that, but what kind of pace will allow you for a push in the last two minutes of this workout?

Starting with the round one, its a trap! All of this round is easy and can easily be sprinted but should not be. Rather approach this round with a swagger like you don’t care about fitness, like your too cool. What I mean is play it cool, the next round will be where the workout really begins.

Very rarely is any workout won in the first round or the first 30% of the workload! I want to set the tone and keep it, so lets dive in. As always know your strengths and know your weakness’s that could vary the strategy.

The row for 10 cals should be less than :45 seconds per 10, and realistically the strong rowers should be around 30 seconds per. So for round two for example you should spend about 1 min too 1:30 on the 20 cals. This is not drastic, we have tested many attempts of 1 min ME on the rower and seen 20 plus cals set time after time.

I like the wall balls to be broken in 10’s, even in the round of 20. I feel like if we get where we want to be, the numbers are going to get large and for a long period of work I don’t want to fall below 10 at a time. Now breaking every 10 will be a very short controlled break of about 3-7 seconds depending how we feel but we need to get no less than 10 at a time. If you are very comfortable with 20’s go with that but stick with it, on the round of 30 consider a set of 20 followed by 10 to stick to the pace. The reps her are typically 3 seconds a rep because of distance and break time so per 10 we should average about 30 seconds but no more!

DB step overs will be slow and tough to move very fast especially for those that are shorter. With that being said I anticipate the per 10 to be between :45-:55 seconds. If this is a good movement for you than push the pace, this is not a high impact movement so if you have the reach the heart rate should still be maintained. Go for closer to :30 seconds if that’s the case for you.

If you are trying to qualify the Dubs got to be clean and under a 1:30 and really closer to the minute on average. I know 100 in under a minute is possible so hitting 90 around the minute to 1:05 you should be fine and you should be ready to sit down on the rower where you can focus on your breathing.

Overall I believe the minimum of 3 rounds should be completed and a goal of 4+ will suit you well in the pursuit of qualifying. As always good luck and post your scores and tips!

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