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PFL Weekly Challenge #26 The Fittest Experience 22.5

TFX 22.5 10 MIN AMRAP 4 Bar muscle ups 8 Alternating Pistols 12 American KB swings

Another traditional CrossFit vibe this week with the advancement of technical work. This was projected after the first week of workouts being very grunt style.

This Weeks Top 3 Obvious Over-reactions are:

  1. Sticky and grippy – Have the grips ready and go for “fourrrrrr”.

  2. Moderate time domain moderate pace – Not a sprint, but not a jog.

  3. Unbreakable America “kb swings” – Do not put down the KB

Quick Tips for Survival

  1. If needed Single rep gymnastics wont kill you

  2. Use the glutes for the KB, save the shoulders

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