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PFL Weekly Challenge #25 The Fittest Experience 22.2

TFX 22.2 Week 1 Qualifier

TFX WEEK 1 22.2 QUALIFIER 21-15-9 with an 8 minute time cap: Dual Dumbbell Power Cleans and Pull-ups

If you have ever done Fran the workout that is really all you need to know! Lung burner, move fast, and don’t look back. Scores are going to be fast just like Fran and I am sure the image above will be similar to real life.

This workouts “Obvious Over Reactions” are:

  1. Holy Unbroken

  2. Grip Nasty

  3. Fran Speed

Quick Tips for survival

  1. Use hips and hammy’s for Db “Curls”, oops I mean Power cleans

  2. Use gymnastics grips but it might help more on the DB’s if you know how to use them

  3. Big half than little half, if not unbroken. Example round of 21 break 11 then 10.

Check out the Podcast or the YouTube channel for in-depth break down for this workout, good luck and as always post your results below!

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