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The CrossFit Open 22.2 - Tips and Strategies

What is your game plan for 100 deads and 100 burpees? Well hopefully this helps get you the score you are looking for!

CrossFit Open 22.2 is an ascending then descending climb to 10 and back of Deadlifts and burpees over the bar. Weights RX 225 for the males and 155 for the females. Think about this, to finish this workout you must complete 200 reps in 10 minutes. That is averaging 20 reps per minute, half deadlifts and the other half burpees. I think for most a more manageable pace is about 15 per minute landing at about 150 reps. However I think the goal for that top 10% is going to be 17 to 18 reps per min landing in that 170 to 180 total. How do we do that? Lets take a look!

Obviously run your game, you know you best but hopefully these tips can help! A lot of folks are gonna try to run the unbroken game on the deads but the time for 5 unbroken and the difference of 5 drop and go's is not a huge difference. Maybe a rep to a rep and a half. You need that controlled heart rate for the burpees because those reps are slower and really can only be slower. If you stick to the plan and get to that last set of deads you might be able to rep out 5 deadlifts in 8 seconds, you wont be able to do that with the burpees as easily.

Comment your results and how did you game plan going in?

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