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CrossFit Open 23.1 Top 10% - What will it take?

What will you need to do to get into the top 10% this week and how does that compare to 2014? Is 23.1 going to be that much higher of a score from almost 10 years ago? I am going to break down 14.4 and give you the number of reps to chase this year to be in the top 10%!

Here are a few numbers from the 2014 CrossFit Open, starting with the Mid-Atlantic region from that year. There were 8100 sign ups in that region, so to place in the top 10% you would have to have placed 810th. This resulted in logging a score of 187 reps that year. This was 7 muscle ups into the 20 of the first round. The Southern California region was also 187 reps and the North east was actually one less at 186 reps.

The women from the Northern California region only needed to get to the muscle ups and score 180 with a tie break time of 12:15 seconds. The tiebreak was clocked after the completion of the 30 cleans just before the muscle ups. I also looked at the South East region for the women and roughly the same was required, 180 reps with a tie break time of 12:27.

My conclusion from not only the numbers but also eye test, and considering what almost 10 years of evolution to the CrossFit training looks like, I believe that there will be a 3-5% increase to scores. This would mean that men will need to put up a score of about 190-194 for the top 10% and for the women 183-185.

We shall see! Please comment what you believe will be that special number of reps to help get you to the top 10%!

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