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23.1 CrossFit Open Monday Repeat Tips and Tricks

Last chance to up those scores and put your best foot forward or shall I say muscle-up up! Here are a few tips I think that will get you the chance to crack the top 10%!

60 Calories on the Rower

  • Men shoot for around 3:00 (2:45-3:15)

  • Pace 1100-1300 cal per hour

  • Women shoot for around 4:00 (3:30-4:30)

  • Pace 800-900 cal per hour

50 Toes to bar

  • Goal 4 minutes or less

  • Singles might be very efficient here

  • About 13 per minute will keep you under 4 minutes

40 Wall balls

  • Under 2 minutes

  • You can do 3 sets here and save a break

  • 15,13,12

30 Cleans

  • Mental toughness

  • "Quick sand" The faster and bigger you go could dig you deeper

  • Drop the habit and stick with consistent singles

  • 3 mins or less, give me 10 per minute

20 Muscle ups

  • You should have over 2 minutes here, so here is your chance

  • 1 is better than a fast tie break time and 0 muscle ups

  • Guys are aiming for around 10 for the top 10% and ladies around 2-3

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