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PFL Weekly Challenge #18 “6 Whack”

PFL Weekly Challenge “6 Whack” core and heavy

Challenge #18 is not a high volume piece this week, 2 rounds should be attacked with intent to get in and then out! Obviously know your weakness going into this piece, but this workout should let you go after your strengths with a speed mentality.

21 GHD Sit ups will tax the midline here so don’t be surprised if the toes to bar don’t feel normal out the gate. Really push to go steady unbroken here unless you feel as if this is a weakness and give your self two sets to complete.

Toes to bar will be effected by those ghd’s, but the volume over this whole workout should not be in danger. If they hurt that’s ok hang on and don’t go more than two sets here either. Remember you will only be back here one more time so if the wheels start falling off there isn’t much further too go, even to this point!

Clean and jerks will probably be drop and go singles here but the same motto here as the rest of the workout, push! If this is heavy don’t walk away from the bar and know the GHD’s are coming to give you a cardiovascular break. If this bar is relatively light, I still think drop and go but reset immediately to pick the bar back up.

All and all this could be a 6 minute workout and should be targeting under 10 minutes. Let me know what you think about the workout and how you did! Scores are due Sunday, Good LUCK!

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